The Helix Bridge

The Helix Bridge
The Helix Bridge in Marina bay, Singapore, designed and inspired by the formation of DNA.

The Double Helix bridge took 6 years to build due its complex and impressive appearance. Constructed from Stainless steel tubes, measuring 273mm in diameter, the bridge offers a safe passage for pedestrians across Marina Bay. The bridge is designed to be delicate and lightweight.

The bridge was purposely designed to be pedestrian only, to create safer modes of transport across the water instead of walking on pavements alongside oncoming traffic. The bridge offers 4 platforms to view the incredible city in Singapore. The design and platforms encourage both tourists and locals to appreciate the intricate design but also the city around them for its beauty and culture.

Just from photographs, I would want to visit this landmark for its unbelievable structure and design.

The Double Helix design is inspired by the formation of our DNA. The light configurations help accentuate the curved features and provide safe commute for pedestrians at night. The outer lights are made up of a ribbon of LED’s. They are positioned to give the impression of a circling motion of the DNA, almost an illusion.

For pedestrians walking throughout the day, they added protective panels overhead to restrict some of the harsh midday sun. The panels are made from fritted glass and perforated steel mesh. They act as a shade for those high temperature sunny days.

Fritted glass is an incredible architecture resource. Not only does fritted glass help reduce sun glare, lower temperatures, and minimise the danger to birds, but it can also give the exterior a distinctive look with patterns ranging from simple shapes and gradients to intricate designs.

The bridge was designed and modified using virtual 3D software. The software would be able to precisely calculate dimensions and tolerances resulting in an accurately constructed bridge.

Overall, I believe this double helix bridge is very cleverly designed to encourage tourists from across the world, bring enjoyment and wonder to locals and to make history.

25th January 2021.