The demise of skilled and traditional manufacturing

The demise of skilled and traditional manufacturing

Week 1 - Talk from Craig Whittet

In today’s world traditional manufacturing ways are slowly fading. The new modern society we live in has progressed into an easy way of working and living. 

To produce hand made products requires a lot of hard work and skilled training however, this leads to high product costings. Craig made an interesting point of how people in the traditional manufacturing trade stay within the trade.

The cost of hand made products results in a very high price bracket. For example, Manolo blahnik designed these beautiful shoes displayed on the right. They cost £795.00 whereas a pair of heels from Topshop would only cost £20.00. Why would you pay so much? This is the big question.


  1. Endorsement. Blahnik shoes were worn and written about within the series Sex & the City. This encouraged fans to buy his products to be like the characters within the movies.
  2. Status/Branding. It has become popular to wear branded clothing and accessories to appear “cool”.
  3. Long lasting quality. Potentially in the long run you could spend more money on replacing the cheaper shoes than paying the initial upfront cost of the expensive shoes.

This applies to a lot of businesses, big or small. I believe we should be respecting and supporting these unique businesses as they offer such highly skilled techniques that would be sorely missed if they were gone. I think we have certainly learnt this lesson since COVID-19 hit in March 2020 and has closed a lot of independant businesses since.

January 15th 2021.