Street Art

Street Art
Street Art is an new influential creative way to connect with communities. Artworks painted on buildings in cities across the UK expressing messages needing to be heard.
From March 2019 the world went into lockdown. Doctors and nurses were relied upon to help our community thrive again. The image depicts a nurse preparing for the first wave of COVID-19. This image was selected to be displayed in the national exhibition and was later illustrated as a mural in Manchester city centre.
“I wanted to try and get across the anxiety among NHS workers and patients that was experienced early on in the pandemic”- Johannah Churchill
Street Art is used to; express emotion, send a message, highlight important issues and to change the atmosphere of an area. This beautiful piece of art is exquisitely designed, expressing a range of emotive feelings to passers-by.
Happy to see such strong individuals being recognised for their extensive service.
Sad to see what has happened to the world.
Empathetic towards key workers risking their lives for others.
The meaning of street art
Not only does street art create beautiful bespoke images but it also transforms the surrounding area. Once a drab grey street, has now been given life and new purpose. The artwork attracts people from across the country therefore, creating a prospering new street, flooding with people, business and life.