Silvia Weidenbach

Silvia Weidenbach
Week 3 – Combining traditional techniques with the new digital arts

Digital design processes are becoming more popular every year. This is an exciting new prospect to begin experimenting with new technologies however, the introduction of these new technologies could overtake traditional creative processes.

Silvia has not let the digital world overtake the way she likes to work. She has taken the digital world and merged it into her traditional techniques of silversmithing, stepping into a new era of design all together. Silvia works in such an interesting way, unpacking unique approaches to design and I would be excited to apply some of her methods to the way I work. It’s never too late to try something new!

The power of the digital arts allows you to explore outlandish playful designs that you would never have created by hand. A fun exploration of thinking outside the box.

During COVID-19 accessing workshops and materials has been difficult and has disrupted the way a designer can work. The many digital design software’s have saved the designing community by giving them new ways to create while being stuck at home. 

Although, being stuck at home has allowed us to return to the beginning of the design process, sketching. Sketching is so important in the initial stages, brainstorming any form of ideas to help choose a direction to expand upon. Hand sketching is authentic, original and full of personality. 

A lesson to be learnt, be open minded about the new methods of working as they may introduce you to a more creative and exciting way of working. Continue to explore and have fun with design while pushing the boundaries. The possibilities are endless.

28th January 2021.