Shay the German Shepherd

Shay the German Shepherd

Shay is a cute young German Shepherd pup. She’s highly intelligent, attentive and watchful. She is willing to learn with an eagerness to have a purpose. She is extremely loyal and loves to please her owner. Take her home and she will show you utter devotion and commitment.
  • Dog painting
  • Painted in Liquitex hard body acrylics
  • Available in a range of sizes

Print Options-

  • Small – 8×6″
  • Medium – 10×8″
  • Large – A4

All prints may be purchased with or without a frame.

My frames come with a double black/white mount used to compliment the beautiful colours within my pieces.

Little Shay was only a puppy when this photo was taken. His floppy ears and titled head show his playful personality which reflects beautifully in this painting.