Sacre Coeur

Sacre Coeur

This magnificent building was built in 1914, however construction started almost 40 years before. Designer, Paul Abadie, carefully planned every part of construction of Sacre Coeur, including the specific stone that has given Sacre Coeur its incredible clean white appearance. 

The white stone came from the quarries in Souppes, in the Seine-et-Marne French department. It is very resistant, and the water does not infiltrate. In fact, in contact with water, when it rains, the stones release a substance, called “calcite”, that cleans the stone and enables it to keep its white colour. This design decision was imperative to ensure the outcome of the building.

The building stands 130m at the top of Montmatre hill and reaching 91m in height totalling 213m above sea level.

The incredible detail on each wall is perfectly hand crafted to leave an intricate detailed pattern. Sacre Coeur draws millions of tourists every year due to its stunningly bright and detailed appearance.

I have visited this historic site, 7 times and every time I visit this building still amazes me.

20th November 2020.