Professor David Richards

Professor David Richards
Week 4 – Systematic approach to consultancy design and engineering projects.

This week we had a very interesting talk from Professor David Richards from Frazer-Nash Consultancy.

I found it very fascinating to learn about the decisions made when forming a team for a specific project when brought to the company. One key point mentioned was valuing your employee’s skillset as that will benefit the company during the project and ensuring a good rapport with the client.

Frazer-Nash provide a service and not a product and utilise the skills of employees to form a strong and willing team for the job. When securing a project with an external company it is important to build a good relationship and communicate from the start through to the end of the project. 

Within the project, there are multiple stages.

– Initial designs

– Development

– Prototyping

– Introduction of technology

– Final manufacture

An in-depth analysis at each stage is necessary, asking the right questions to find the flaws within the design and make any necessary changes. I find this very useful in terms of breaking the project up into segments and regularly reviewing the progress to check what you’re doing is actually meeting the client’s requirements.

Something that I will be using in my upcoming projects. 

Am I asking the right questions to achieve my desired design? Some food for thought.

4th February 2021.

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