Dieter Rams

Dieter Rams
Week 2 – Documentary of the life of Dieter Rams and his incredible impact on the design community.

Rams secured a trial project with the company Braun in its early days of business. Rams stayed within the Braun company until 1997. He made huge milestones within the company creating inspiring products, ranging from radios through to kitchen appliances.

The success of Braun led to Rams being in the limelight, however the media depicted the company design as one face, one name despite Rams’ effort to give credit to the rest of his team.

In the 1970’s, Rams questioned his working methods and whether his work was contributing to the pollution across the globe. This is such an important realisation to have especially at that time. This industry negatively impacts on the environment through air pollutants, toxic chemicals and the types of materials being used. In today’s designing world, one of the most important factors to consider is how we can sustainably produce products without damaging the world around us through the entire product life cycle.

Dieter Rams developed a world-renowned name for himself as a designer. And with this media coverage he could use his voice to encourage the new age of designers to design for a better world. We rely and trust our industry leaders to guide us onto the best path for the future.

“Less, but better”

Dieter Rams is a remarkable designer with a strong voice within the design community. He takes a reserved approach in design, nothing too playful or too busy. He believes we must design for a purpose and not ‘over brand’.

I find his approach very inspiring. Why do we design? What is the purpose of design?

We design to advance technology, optimise usefulness and be a long-lasting product following Rams’ 10 principles of design.

21st January 2021.