Arne Jacobsen

Arne Jacobsen

Arne Jacobsen was born February 11th 1902, in Copenhagen.

1924 – Graduated from The Technical College, Copenhagen.

1927 – Graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

1952 – The Ant™ for Fritz Hansen

1958 – The Egg™ for Fritz Hansen (Company)
            The Swan™ for Fritz Hansen

1960 – Royal Hotel and SAS terminal, Hammerichsgade 1-5, Copenhagen

He was a Danish product designer and architect known for his iconic modernist style.

His most famous and well-known works include the ‘Egg Chair’ and ‘The SAS building’ in which he designed the interior as well as the architecture of the building (1959).

For my Pop-up project, I am planning to focus my attention upon the SAS building for its impactful presence and detail.

Jacobsen led a remarkable life filled with design and innovation. Delving into two areas of design, architecture and product design. His revolutionising style was ahead of its time in the 50’s and is still considered modern and chic today.

Not previously knowing of Jacobson or his works, I had been introduced to it unknowingly when visiting Copenhagen and hotels around the world. His iconic egg chair can be seen in hundreds of hotel lobbies. 

This chair not only looks incredible but is comfortable. Jacobsen not only designs for aesthetics but also for comfort and joy. He wants to please his customers and provide a luxury experience.

He once hoped to become a painter but was dissuaded by his mother who later encouraged him to become an architect. Sometimes things are just meant to be!

16th January 2021.